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  • 2018-3-6
    How to do a good job of sanitation management
    Improve the quality of the staff thought is to do a good job in the basis of the sanitation work。Unit is in in order to improve the overall quality of service and the starting point of service level,First of all to build an administrative cadres as the backbone to power,In the administrative cadres as the main body of the ideological and political work team,Party and government cadres to do both,Manages concertedly,Insist on from the actual situation...
  • 2016-7-13
    Water pollution governance War began Billions of investment How to manage
    Since the founding of the environment is the most important areas of scientific research projects——Water pollution control and management of science and technology major projects has officially launched。In order to make readers a deeper understanding of the special water,Our correspondent to their concerns,Had an interview with the National People's Congress、The total teacher water special technology、China environmental science research institute director meng...
  • 2016-7-13
    China is expected to be introduced five-year environmental taxes
    The Chinese academy of social sciences recently released in Beijing《Spring economic blue book:China's economic prospects———2011In spring the report》。Blue book said,China's environmental tax is imposed“Five-year”During the period。 Blue book said,China to speed up the transformation of economic development patterns,To complete2020Day of the year...

Vail of huainan city sanitation cleaning service co., LTD

Vail of huainan city sanitation cleaning service co., LTD
Vail of huainan city sanitation cleaning service co., LTD., established in2011Years1Month。Located in the scenic shore of the huaihe river,The north of huaihe river,South according to shun plow,It may be said“Autumn mountains level,Ribbon string pearl”。The territory rich in resources,Rich natural resources,There is“Huainan”As the case。The registered capital3010Ten thousand yuan,Has an independent legal personality,Employees2200More than one,With senior technical titles23People,Junior professional titles65 People。Under the guidance of comrade chairman ruby,...

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