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  • Open type silicone rubber pipe insulation protection

  • Open type silicon rubber wire protection tubes and rods apart

  • Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber insulation adhesive tape

  • Power distribution electrical equipment sheath

  • Transformer sheath

  • Isolating switch sheathed

  • The cascade switch sheathed

  • Open type silicone rubber busbar protection tube

  • Open type connector box

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Quanzhou YiSheng electrical equipment co., LTD. Is located in the channel west bank cities,The beautiful and rich in quanzhou bay。Is a professional engaged in high pressure technology and power system engineering construction and product sales of new high-tech enterprises。Is committed to selling all kinds of high power equipment and better service in the electric power system。High quality products,Relying on strict quality control procedures to ensure,Company for high-tech products、The requirements of high reliability,Has a strict quality monitoring system,Perfect the dedicated testing equipment,Strict quality management and the quality of the long-term tracking service。The company continuously improve all kinds of production…
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The phone:18960272999
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