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Zhongshan essenceLED UV A new generation of curing system

Energy conservation and environmental protection
Low energy consumption,Than the traditionalUVSave a saving lamp70%The energy consumption。Do not contain mercury,Also does not produce ozone,More green environmental protection、More secure!
Long life
Life is a traditional mercury lamp10Or more times,Can reach20000~30000Hours,And are not subject to the opening and closing times service life。FineLEDWarranty2Years!
Less heat
Instant light,Do not need to preheat,Cold light source、No thermal radiation,Substrates surface temperature is low,Put an end to material deformation,Turn yellow。


Zhongshan essence3The big advantage

Highly customizable · Create satisfactionUVSystem

Highly customized to create suitable UV systems

More than 10 years of industry experience,Thousands of successUVEquipment installation case。Products are widely used in offset printing、Intaglio printing、Indian railways、Coating、Flexo、The label and all kinds of industrial curing applications。

Have experienced professional designers,Provide customized according to customer demand、Design,To provide you with satisfactionUVSystem solutions。

No matter what your printer's brand、Type、What model and year,Fine division can be for your printer satisfied with a custom fitUVSystem。


High safety · Nondestructive printing machine

High safety · Non-destructive printing presses

A complete set ofUVThe equipment configure multiple protection system:High voltage over-current protection system,A fire protection system,High temperature protection system,Power-off protection system,In the system,Online speed measuring system, etc,Malfunction alarm automatically,All-round to ensure people、Machine safety。

The main components are worthy adopt international famous brand products and independent research and development products,UVEquipment quality assured。

Each setUVEquipment before the factory after strict test and aging test,GuaranteeUVReliability and stability of the system level。

Professional services · Technical professionals Perfect after-sales

Hprofessional service · Perfect aftermarket

Has a group of professional technology、UVExperienced senior engineers;Constantly introducing new technology abroad and accessories,Based on accumulation and constant innovation。

Professional and technical master the door installation,Learn how to use training employeesUVEquipment。

Equipment warranty1Years,After rapid response and have people visit on a regular basis,Rapid solutions and develop guidance for operation or customer on-site response to help customers solve problems。


Zhongshan essenceCooperation process


FineUVSystemJane shown in figure


  • Rapid replacement bulbs

    Cold light reflection lampshade
  • Interface with end plug type

    Maintenance is convenient
  • The air-Water cooling loop

    Compact design A lot of time
Water coolingUVLamp shade
  • High safety

    The flow、Over voltage、High temperature protection,Fault automatic alarm
  • Touch screen operation

    Touch screen operation,Easy to learn and easy to understand
  • Energy saving efficiency

    Transformer adopts high power factor,Low power consumption,High efficiency and energy saving
  • UVLight control independently

    Each group of light can be independently controlled,Starting separately,Adjusted separatelyTo be strong、Weak light automatic conversion,Select multiple lights
UVTo control the electric cabinet

Into the essence of zhongshan branch


Zhongshan fine printing equipment co., LTD is a professional water coolingUVMachine,LED UVCuring system design、Research and development、Production in a bodyUVEquipment manufacturers。Company factory building area of more than2000㎡,Has a group of advancedUVSystem processing production equipment,With a dedicated test and aging test lab。

We are engaged inUVMore than curing industry10Years of experience,1000More than oneUVSystem is successfully installed,We have a batch of technical professionals、UVExperienced senior engineers,Can be targeted for different brands of different types of offset press、Gravure press、Coating machine、Flexo printing machine and other printing equipment is configured......


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FineUVSystemApply to printing machine


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